Tuesday, 14 December 2010

We're In!

We're in our new villa at last and it feels good!  Living here is like being on holiday!  This is the front porch where we spend a lot of time talking and breathing in the view over a glass of wine, while Jess the border collie sits at our feet.  Although we live in suburbia, this vacant land across the street is full of gum trees.  We have water dragons (foot long lizards) skittering around our sunny patios.  They are quite comical and I will get a photo if I can catch one! 

This family of lorikeets arrive on our fence every morning and evening to feed on the grevillea's and bottlebrush flowers.  They are noisy, playful and very affectionate with each other.  I have put out a bird bath for them but they don't seem to want to use it yet.


The move went very smoothly and we have unpacked everything except my studio, which is on hold while we work out some shelving.  The desk I chose to use will not fit in the room so I have to re-think that also.

Anyhow, we are all very happy in our relaxing new home.  And life goes on....


  1. Oh, it sounds so exotic, Patti! The villa, the water dragons (I can't imagine that), the lorikeets, gum trees! These are all foreign to me and I have never heard of any of the three: water dragons, lorikeets, or gum trees. The pictures do look so peaceful; I hope you post more, too. It looks so lovely. The flowering vine by your porch looks lovely too.

    I'm very happy that you're in your new home. Many blessings on you and your family there! Love, O

  2. how exciting. that porch looks divine and how lovely to have a view of trees. best of luck.

  3. How wonderful to have such great views from you new home, Patti ! You must feel so glad to have begun the settling in process. Enjoy it and welcome home.
    G'day, Gorgeous !

  4. Looks great so far Patti and your Villa sounds like it has a good `homely feel to it:) You will get your studio sorted but that is important to get right so no need to rush.

  5. You have created a peaceful haven. Magic!

  6. Wow ! Your new place sounds like heaven! And those beautiful lorikeets welcoming you to your new environment are beautiful. Enjoy! It looks like you are in the perfect place to just "flow".

  7. wow how lovely this all looks and sounds too.
    we have also moved to a small 2 bedroomed house in London, which is cute and cosy in this abominable weather. popped in to wish you all a very merry xmas and happy 2011. xxx

  8. what a lovely patio, sounds dreamy, and those birds, oh my!!!!!


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