Saturday, 18 December 2010


It's word of the year time again so visit  Christine Kane  for some reflection on 2010 words and inspiration for 2011.

I'm thinking my word will be Flow.  Not pushing the river. The last word I chose was Change and I certainly have had plenty of that this past year and it's time to ease up a little!  Lots of plans for the new year, so with a little direction from me, we'll see where they take me.

I'm off to the pet grooming salon today to give Jess the border collie a much needed shampoo and clip for Christmas.  She's going to be (even more) gorgeous!


  1. Oh dear, that time of year again. what do I want to promise myself I will do that I am pretty sure I can follow through on? what word will say it all? Will have to give this much thought.

  2. What a beautiful black and white friend !
    Hmm, I am not there yet with choosing a new word...need to get this xmas stuff done first then review the old word for a bit (it has slipped my mind right now due to too many things in the brain) and then dedicate myself to a new one. it !
    Happy Grooming !

  3. I cant really remember my word for last yr. Maybe persistance?? Flow is great. Maybe I should choose a word and keep it in my sidebar so I remember to remember. Happy Holiday.

  4. Flow is wonderful.
    I love your doggie, Border Collies are a fave of mine. Yours is just gorgeous. Do we get to see and after pic? All gussied up for the holiday. What a good mommy you are!


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