Friday, 15 April 2011


This fish is a lot like me lately, diving into the car in the mornings for the drive to the station, then hopping on the train for a 40 min ride down to work.  Days at home I dive into the housework so I can have some free time left over for art and other things.  In a word, busy!

We have been sitting on our veranda in the shade for our morning coffee during the summer months.  Now that it's cooler we've moved the table out onto our front patio where it gets the sun all day.  A lovely peaceful spot amongst the herbs, the lime tree and tomato plant.

My son has just passed his Learner Driver test with 100% accuracy, so we are now officially in driver training mode.  I think I'm more nervous than he is :)  We will organise some proper driving lessons as well, so he'll be up and motoring soon.

I have also been happily road testing some handmade soaps from Martie.  They look and smell just gorgeous and leave your skin beautifully moisturised.  You can buy them in her Etsy shop if you would like to try them too.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I am going to tackle another big painting.  I'll let you know how it turns out...


  1. I love that diving fish - and those black lines in the wake make it look like that fish is diving very fast! And how appropriate for your life right now - dive, dive, dive. But at least you get to enjoy your morning cup of coffee in the sun - your patio looks lovely and inviting.

    And I am SO happy you like the soaps! Have a great weekend, Patti!

  2. PS - if you are ever interested in selling this fish - let me know. It speaks to me!!


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