Monday, 25 April 2011

Colour Burst

I  hope everyone is enjoying the Easter break, also Anzac Day for us here in Australia.  Raining again, although we did have a beautiful day on Good Friday and picnicked in the park with family.  We have eaten our share of chocolate and other easter treats and I will be glad to get back to normal again!  Too much of a good thing!

The above painting is just a small one - acrylic on canvas.  I'm thinking of making a matching pair of large paintings based on this small design for my lounge area - a big burst of colour!


  1. Happy Anzac Day to you Patti! I love this painting...such a punch of WOW! Your paintings just make me feel happy.

  2. never heard of Anzac Day. painting is very cheerful and makes me think of seeds and juice somehow.

  3. OMG, Patti, I frikkin' LOVE that!!!! I never dreamed that something so monochromatic could be that exciting or vibrant. It's so organic and alive. I love the balance between large shapes, medium sized and little shapes. I love the balance between straight geometric lines and wavy, feminine lines. WOW. This might be perfection.

    Also, it reminds me of batik. This would make a great pattern for repetition on fabric. I can see a skirt in this.

  4. Wow, thanks ladies for your comments!! Move over Picasso!! :)

  5. Lovely lovely painting Patti...sometimes I think I just come here to enjoy your header art again and again. ;-))


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