Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Banksia Pods

This is a drawing and sketch I made of a banksia pod , some ten years ago, now pasted in my journal.  The first a semi-abstract drawing, the second a realistic sketch.

Banksias are character filled trees native to Australia, with quite ugly seed pods that are wonderful to draw.  During a bushfire, the intense heat makes the pods crack open and drop their seeds into the earth.  When the first rain comes, up pop the banksia's with their olive green, often serrated leaves amongst the green fuzz of the other native plants also regenerating.  And so the cycle continues.


  1. Beautiful, Patti. I am consistently impressed by the variety of flora and fauna there in Australia, all of which seems very exotic to me. xoO

  2. Very cool pods, and sketches.
    I have relationships that are like that...
    Happy Creating !

  3. thank you. i love to learn new things. the pods are wonderful.

  4. What a gift those banksia tress must be! Just goes to show that some good can come out of fires!

  5. lovely drawing and fun to learn about it too!


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