Saturday, 2 July 2011

Time Floats

Lauren & Bri

Time has floated along, as it does, and here we are in July already!

Shared a lunch with family at a local pub this afternoon, accompanied by very warm winter sunshine & blue skies as well as a laughing kookaburra!  You'll notice we are wearing July!!  We ate tempura prawns, fish & chips, calamari, and deluxe burgers.  Very tasty!

Moo & Miki

Enjoying birthday presents from near & afar. Lots to be happy about!

Thinking about my to do list and wondering what I should organise first...install a new dishwasher or frame some artworks....?  My son votes for the dishwasher since he's chief dishwasher at the moment!Thinking how lucky I am to only have these things to worry about! 


  1. Happy Birthday Patti...another kindred Cancer soul. I think your winter sunshine looks warmer than our summer sun!!

  2. wow. big change to your blog format. nice color. happy birthday to you. I agree w/Kate that your winter looks pretty good if you can wear short sleeves. Gosh, this morning I awoke to a very cool morning though I guess heat will come in later.

  3. What a nice family you have, Patti. I've never seen any pictures of them before. And...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!...I hope that it was fantastic! It looks like it was. Well, of course, who cares about the dishwasher---ART! xoO

  4. What a gorgeous day you chose for lunch. Glad you had a long lovely birthday. Did you find the surprise inside the Journalling book??
    have fun with it!

  5. So glad you had a great day, the weather looks perfect too.

  6. So, Happy Birthday! Your celebration looks delightful, and how wonderful to have the gift of a warm winter day! And you are indeed lucky to be faced with the choice of installing the dishwasher or framing the artwork - I'd vote for the dishwasher too as I do not enjoy washing dishes. But then I'd be framing things too! Enjoy the rest of your week!


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