Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A Magical Garden

I've been jazzing up my back patio area that is shared with the clothesline and have been attempting to create a focal point, so that the clothesline recedes into the background.  Eventually I will organize a screen of some sort, but in the meantime a frangipani tree in a pot and some gardenias will do the job.  Today I found a copper coloured bird bath that I filled with shells and pebbles and a pottery starfish.  It looks just how I want it to look!

I took my car in for a service today and across the street was the most amazing and magical garden I have ever seen.  Large jacaranda trees out the front, stephanotis climbing along the picket fence, beautifully tended beds and a house that you could barely see for lush greenery!  There was a huge frangipani tree with decorative, sparkly hangings on it.  It was a peaceful scene that has stayed in my head all day!  'The gardener' popped his head over the fence and I had the opportunity to tell him what a beautiful garden he had.  He thanked me and went back to patiently tending his garden.


  1. love the bird bath - but you dont put water in there do you? I like it as is!

  2. what a treat to find the garden and have time to look it over while waiting for the car. your back garden is magical. love the birdbath. personally i also love seeing clothes on a line fluttering in the breeze. so few people hand clothes out anymore around here.

  3. I always enjoy looking at your outdoor space - and what a gorgeous bird bath! And then to go and and discover a bit of heaven in that garden -- a magical moment. Take care!

  4. Very inviting garden spot. I would love to hang out there. (with you!)


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