Sunday, 3 June 2012


Today has been rainy and cold, grey and misty.  Light in my studio was becoming a problem, so I ventured out in the weather to buy a new one.  I found a nice fluoro light with a purple base, my favourite colour and now my desk is bright like a sunny day!

I've been creating self portraits in preparation for a portrait prize I hope to enter soon.  My daughter, one of my very first subjects, has volunteered to be my model and I'm looking forward to painting her yet again!

Journaling has been ebbing and flowing with my busy life, weaving a lovely tapestry of me.  Just what it's all about!

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  1. We have been having our share of rain and grey and coolish temps here too. Thank goodness for the light, be in from a great lamp or from the time to make art and be creative !
    Enjoy the flow !
    Light and love !


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