Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Winter Cosiness

winter cosiness
Carla Blazek has posted her summer to-do list and it is filled with wonderful things, go check it out!

However, i'm a southern hemisphere girl and I thought I would post my winter to-do list from down-under!

  • cook something (anything!) warm and hearty
  • snuggle in for a sleep-in at least once a week!
  • wear my Planet boots (flat, side-zip ankle boots in vintage stone)
  • enjoy my air conditioning
  • sit in my north facing sun room with Max and enjoy the winter rays
  • spend quality time in my studio with my new lamp
  • take Jess the border collie for a long walk
  • eat lots of bright orange imperial mandarins
  • shuffle about in my slippers
  • take hot showers
  • watch movies
  • eat mustard
  • sink into big fluffy doonas
  • have lots of early nights
  • light candles!
I think you get the picture!

Happy 'transit of Venus' to everyone, something we all share!


  1. I wish they'd get into sync with us down here! (lol) love your list - especially early nights and fluffy doonas!

  2. Sounds like a great list Patti...but I do have a question...what's a "doona"? Also, do your use air conditioning in the it still that hot? We're still waiting for summer here on the west coast of Canada! :(

  3. Love that cuddly picture! enjoy your "winter?" days!

  4. It sounds so cozy, Patti! I, like kate, wonder about the "doona". It sounds like a big fluffy comforter. And here in the US we call "air conditioning" for our cooling, but I'm thinking that "air conditioning" might be heating there? Thank you for sharing your winter to-do list with us! xoO

  5. I also had to look up "doonas." What a fun list!


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