Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Teaching and Learning

Yesterday I headed off to one of our local public schools, on their invitation, to be a part of their 'Artist in Residence Program'

I had three sessions of Years 4 to 6 and we painted tropical fish in beautiful colours and exciting patterns, with seaweed, coral and other sea creatures like crabs and jelly fish.  The kids were amazing and produced sensational results! They taught me a lot!  By my third session I was feeling more at ease with my teaching skills.  I am back for more next week and I am so looking forward to it!

Today was my regular journal class with Jen and Judy.  We collaged with the idea of creating a tapestry or weaving.  I have been watching lots of Bollywood movies lately and my choice of colours in fabrics, papers and 'bits and pieces' was heavily influenced by India and those beautiful saris!  Hope you like the little bird!


  1. Love the weaving ! Gorgeous !!!I have been very into silk myself. Aren't sari remnants amazing ?!
    How wonderful to be sharing your wonderful artistic talents with kiddos, Patti ! Enjoy !!

  2. Oh so pretty, Patti. I too hope you enjoy next week even more now that you are confident in your teaching skills! Have FUN, xoO

  3. ooops - I saw a cupcake in that....
    Have fun with the teaching!


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