Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Still Journaling

Journaling still.  I haven't posted journal pages for a while, though it continues to be something that I love to do.  This page was a sketch of my frangipani tree I have in a large planter out the back, then on the next page the results of an art journal class pasted into the journal.
This page is simply about gratitude and the portrait pasted in, is of me back in 2005 in serious mode!  I have moved on from here in leaps and bounds.  Amazing how we don't stand still, even though it may seem that we do sometimes!  That's why it is good to do a self portrait every few years to see the changes!
This evening a spring storm is brewing.  There is thunder in the distance.  It is warm and humid and is kind of still despite all the background action.  I'm loving the atmosphere! 

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