Tuesday, 20 March 2007


Continuing on with the book illustration theme, I have been trying out some more ink and water colour drawings. So far I have produced a few that I am not totally happy with, but I feel I am heading in the right direction, I just need practice. I also need to brush up (sorry!) on my water colour technique. I have been using water colour pencils which have a fantastic palette, but are probably a slightly different technique than mixing your own colours.

This warm and sunny morning, I have been sitting outside under the umbrella on my deck to paint, and despite the mosquitos, who are enjoying the moisture after all the rain we've had (and my blood!), I found it was a really relaxing way to work. So if you haven't sketched or painted outside for a while and your weather is good, take yourself out and enjoy the fresh air. Infinitely more inspiring than four walls.

This last drawing is a semi abstract african violet, and once again was not quite where I wanted it to be, but where that place is, is slowly emerging.


  1. Awesome, color queen!!!!
    My fave is the bottom one, though they are ALL fantastic! I finally made it to the post office today, at long last. 7 - 10 days .... (smiling)
    Cool that you braved it outdoors, bugs and all. In the book "Lust for Life" (about Vincent), it blows me away how he would spend hours out in all kinds of weather ... truly driven to create.

  2. This is lovely, a peaceful quality emanates from it. Can't say why, the lines, or colours or shapes - just soothing to look at.
    thanks for your comments Patti,
    I enjoy reading your blog, and seeing your artwork.


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