Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Something I Am Proud Of

Today, I donated blood at our local mobile Blood Bank. This was my ninth donation, and because each donation goes towards helping three people, that means that I have helped 27 people thus far. This is pretty humbling stuff. Last time I donated I met a woman, also donating, the mother of a son with leukaemia. So I was not only potentially helping her son, but also it must be a relief for her to know there is blood available for her son when he needs it. I can only imagine how it must be to have a child so sick. So yes, I am proud to be a blood donor. If you are able to donate blood and haven't for a while, I'm sure your local Blood Bank will be pleased to see you too.

On a different note, I have found a new blog called the bliss quest and have been enjoying Athena's often funny, insightful and well written posts. I especially liked her 27th note to self and her 28th note to self

These pages, written on her birthday, are heartfelt and contain wisdom and inspiration for everyone. I believe that when your greatest supporter is yourself, you can't go wrong. So I am inspired to write my own letter of support and encouragement on my next birthday, a good time to both reflect on the past and look forward to the future.

Another blog I'm enjoying is talented artist Eileen Miller, commonly known as the dream. She has also been cheering her self on in life and is happily infecting people with positive vibes.


  1. Hi Patti, I've also been dropping in on Eileen Miller's blog recently and enjoying her work and words.
    I think the idea of writing a birthday letter to self is such a great idea...I may try it as well!

  2. Wow, thanks for the ad and the wonderful compliments. That’s really awesome!
    Have a fantastic day!

  3. Patti, SoulShine friend-

    Thanks for your sweet words. I feel like I KNOW you - great connection and I am grateful.

    Awesome on giving blood ... I need to get it in gear and do that. Thanks for dialing this up for me.

    I'll be in touch later - mondo day today. Hope you are well.

    Why not write the letter NOW?

  4. Oh ... and Athena'a Notes to Self are fantastic!

  5. talk about a talented photographer - i'll be in touch with kate later today.

  6. I can't wait to read your letter!

    This, I hope, will make you laugh and NOT offend you in any way. Last night I was talking with my man about you ... and he starting talking about how much he wants to go to "the land down under." I was like, "Yeah, we could take a few weeks and do the whole country." He scowled and then told me that Australia is about the size of the United States. I didn't believe him. So, he printed this thing off the net to prove it to me. Whoa - I admit that I snoozed through WAYYYYY too many geography classes. This should make you laugh: I thought your country was about the size of Texas. Sorry for THAT level of ignorance!!!


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