Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Positively Inspiring

I have now completed the title page for my art journal, which I have called "Positively Inspiring". I remember as a school girl I used to love the beginning of term when you opened to a fresh page and began illustrating the title. Nothing has changed there! Now I need to begin filling the journal. I thought I would start with some sketching, so I need to gather together some props and will maybe do some hand studies as well. If I can get my son to pose for me I will do some feet studies too. Or I may find some poetry to illustrate, or even better write some poetry and illustrate it. We'll see what happens.

I am enjoying writing the "morning pages", I really do think they make a difference, even though they can sometimes be hard to fit in first thing in the morning. Morning pages seem to help you to "know yourself". Usually, we get up in the morning, our heads filled with the things we need to do during the day and never seem to stop to really listen to ourselves. Next to meditation, it's the best "therapy" I've come across, and like meditation, is so simple.


  1. I LOVE this! So up and pretty! Morning pages are definitely cool - very therapeutic. Meditation is also great for the whole centering deal. Thanks for your sweet post ... I am most grateful and extend this right back to you. Peace.

  2. Hey Patti, hook me up with your address and you might get something nice in the mail! Email: dream919@yahoo.com


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