Wednesday, 28 March 2007

In The Garden

The late afternoon autumn sun lights up my kitchen window, overlooking our Golden Robinia tree and Thunbergia Grandiflora vine with its purple trumpet flowers. This is a last look at the lush greenness before the leaves turn yellow and fall. Now that the heat has gone out of the days we can focus on the garden again. I love the way gardening gives you such gentle exercise, you don't realise you've been using and stretching muscles until you stop.

The cycad pup that we transplanted back in December appeared to be dried up and dead, so I was delighted to see that it has at last sprouted a few pale green fronds.

This photo I took (with my modest camera) in the morning just after sunrise. It is a favourite corner for spiders and so we know to be wary when walking along this path. The webs are so beautiful, I try and avoid knocking them down unless I have to.


  1. sweet shots, patti!
    the view out your kitchen window is lovely!
    so happy you weren't offended by my lack of knowing more about your country - yeah, i'm a little whacked!
    fall is actually my favorite time of year ... wearing jeans, a sweater, shoes with no socks, having coffee out on the deck, while enjoying the cool evening temperatures. enjoy!!!

  2. Gorgeous pics!
    Spring is just arriving here in Canada, the tulips are starting to push their way to the surface.
    Mother Earth always amazes me in her balance to keep the seasons changing.


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