Thursday, 24 May 2007

Back to the Blog

I have been truly busy of late, which is why I haven't been posting much. With so much going on it has been hard to gather my thoughts on what I want to blog, with everything racing around in my head.

I'm back to creating though, and this is my latest offering - Banksia Pod and Gumnuts. I have been happily stocking up on quality art materials and the difference is amazing - like wearing a ballgown made of silk compared to daggy track pants. I'm focusing on water colour and ink on one front and painting with acrylics on the other. I must say I kinda like switching between the two, like changing from high heels into loafers, it gives you a break and keeps you fresh.

Thanks for your good vibes for my dodgy hip. It has been gradually improving, which equates to sleep for me and a clearer, less jet-lagged head. Focused Yoga breathing has been helping a lot. I do believe that we are capable of healing ourselves from within if we use the right energy.

Last week I arranged for my mother to move from a Dementia Hostel to a Nursing Home, as she has deteriorated in the past few months. It is heartbreaking to witness another persons decline, especially when it's your mother, but it is uplifting to see the level of care that is provided to people who can no longer care for themselves. They do a tough job. The home is five minutes away from my place, so I can visit regularly. At present, Mum still recognizes me, even though she doesn't remember my name, so for the time I am there, she has a temporary kind of peace.

Having been through a low patch with my hip I decided it was time to do something nice for me. So I bought myself a string of blue-green and silver beads with matching earrings and a lime green jumper (not my usual choice of colour). Well, everyone has been commenting, saying how lovely the colour is and how amazing the beads are. It really has given me the boost I needed. Colour therapy for everyone!


  1. this is stunning Patti! I really love the colours, lines and just comes together really well!

    I'm glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better and yes, I too believe there's much we can do to heal ourselves on many levels... and I'll send you some distance Reiki.

    Lime green...yummy, it's my new favourite colour.

  2. Glad your hip is better.
    Green is my fave colour- something about the calm vibes........
    You should post that the painting sold to an undisclosed International (HK) buyer!!
    I want the Banksia too- save it for me when I come in July.


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