Thursday, 10 May 2007

Poetry Thursday - The Randomizer

The following words I obtained from the “Randomizer” on Poetry Thursday:

etch, stasis, echo, atomic explosion, fault line, thud, celadon, zero gravity

Cruel and Final
Cruel and final, your words ignite an atomic explosion in my world, disturbing the fault line of my fragile emotions, causing stasis in my veins. You stare with celadon eyes that once rocketed me giddy into the atmosphere. Buoyed by love I would float in zero gravity, yet already, the painful echo of yesterdays bliss haunts me. I have no wish to etch this day on my mind. My happiness falls with a thud.


  1. G'day mate and nice one, Patti, and I learned a new word today as well - celadon.


  2. You pulled some widely random words into a nice tight piece. Nice job!

  3. There is something about this poem that I really enjoyed. Good work.

    Nice to see another Aussie in poetry-land.

  4. You did a wonderful job using those words. I think Buoyed could have been a random word-I may have to use that sometime-with your permission of course. Yesterdays oftern haunt me, but I live for the day. This made me feel things I have not felt in a while. Great work!

  5. as the song goes, "yesterday is just a goodbye"

    awesome job, patti!

  6. Very good use of the unusual words. Well woven together.

    Nowhere Land

  7. I winced when I read this. Harsh, powerful words and overflowing with emotion.

    Very well done.



  8. You got some hard words -- wow! I'm impressed that you packed them all into this very image-heavy and futuristic poem!

  9. Awesome, neat and effective. Well done.

  10. WOW! Awesome. I can't write poetry and I find it amazing when people do. I especially like the last line!

  11. Wow. You blow me away. This is just so powerful!

  12. I love this, too, Patti! You are multi-extremely-talented!


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