Thursday, 17 May 2007

Reunion Week

This has been a week of reunions - a picnic by the bay with Aunts, Uncles and Cousins - every one of us going down memory lane, sharing photos, videos and anecdotes. A very happy day. Then a couple of days and evenings spent with my three sisters and brother, catching up, sharing stories, eating good food and drinking some excellent wine - lots of laughter. It is so centering and grounding to be together with family again. A happy week, in fact!

However, I am quite exhausted having suffered a wrench to my hip while lifting my mothers wheelchair into the back of my car. I now have new respect and compassion for carers of the disabled. After going through many painkillers and struggling through a week without sleep, I have decided to take myself off to the osteopath for some tender loving care. Yoga is on hold, but luckily I am able to walk without problems and have been out enjoying the gorgeous mild weather we are having.

During this time I sold my first painting (Yay!!) the proceeds of which have become my 'kitty' for art supplies - don't you just love tubes of paint? I am now sooo motivated to get back in the studio creating. I am lucky to have had so many 'believing mirrors' who have carried me along to this point. Thank you all.


  1. Yay you for selling your first painting! It must be an amazing feeling ~ you are blessed with a beautiful talent.

    Take care of your hip, and remember to treat yourself with care ~ hips can be tricky things!

    Sending you some sparkling blue healing energy for you hip.


  2. Hooray!!!
    Congrats on selling your first painting! Many, many more!
    I love that pic of "a basket of colourful paints"
    Ouch about your hip. Take it easy and get some rest.

  3. Applause! Applause! coming from this part of the world - Congratulations on your big sale. Did you photograph it before it went to it's new home?
    Big girl paint!!!! good for you, my friend!
    Glad to hear that the reunion was so fantastic for you ... reconnection is good.
    My hip clicks from a water skiing mishap years ago, proving that snow skiing does not mean that one can master water skiing with ease the first (and last) time out. Hot baths and rest.

  4. Hey! Mega WELL DONE to you on the event of your first sale: A landmark moment!

    Lots of heat, rest, gentle exercise etc etc - hope you are on the mend soon.
    Glad your reunion was such a success - I'm happy for you!

  5. Patti, I hope your hip is feeling better. I've had pain from a leg injury for ages that doesn't seem to want to go away, so I know how frustrating and painful it can be. Congrats on the sale of your painting...that's just wonderful!

  6. P.S. Those tubes of paint look yummy!

  7. Hi Pat, I've finally got a blog! you can go and check it out.
    love Anne


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