Sunday, 26 October 2008

beach shack dreaming

saturday afternoon at the beach...

the ever watchful surf rescue, patiently looking after us...

we've been visiting the beach occasionally throughout winter, but now that spring is here it's hard to stay away. yesterday afternoon the tide was coming in, & the waves were surging towards the shore.
the lifeguards were having a difficult time getting over the breakers. they had to keep making do-nuts, & approach the waves again & again. they finally got over them.
after walking from one end of the beach to the other, i sat here on these rocks, watching the surfers & body boarders do their thing. each wave became increasingly larger & closer, till i suddenly realised i had to run or get washed away. the people who were sitting behind me laughed their heads off!

this is my beach shack (not!) this kind of real estate is worth a couple of million.

kelly talked about beach shacks & mindful consumption a few posts back. if my beach shack dream came true, i know i'd be happy with the bare essentials - a beach towel, a beach basket, a hat, thongs (flip flops), sunnies, a hammock, a mosquito net, a basket of fruit, books... could i do without technology...? just imagine...!


  1. Patti, Australia is so beautiful...I hope that you realize your dream of a beach shack...or at least get to keep having dreams that take you closer to it, and allow you to taste parts of the dream, like your time enjoying the weather, the sea, and the surf. xxoo, O

  2. Beautiful! I too long for a beach shack. And while I know I couldn't live without my technology, I could make do with very little else! Love these photos!!

    I also lie your new "look" - the cat is wonderful. You are so talented.

    And, finally, just to let you know. I ordered "the food of morocco". It arrived yesterday and I can't wait to go to the market and try out these recipes. Wonderful!

  3. Oh, I like the new blog header!


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