Sunday, 19 October 2008

open sesame

my daughter brought 'the food of morocco' (a journey for food lovers) into our kitchen last week & i instantly fell in love with it. in my dreams, i travel to spain & drop down to visit morocco afterwards :)

the recipes are healthy & wholesome as can be, often dairy free with gorgeous ingredients such as dates, figs, olives, quinces & apricots.

i've been inspired to make a tomato, capsicum & onion salad (chakchouka), the result - a bowl full of colourful, shiny jewels. a tagine of chickpeas (tagine bel homus) fragrant with red, orange & yellow spices, served with couscous & topped with fresh green herbs (straight from our garden), nutty sesame seed cookies (ghoriba dial janjlane), almond macaroons (briouat b'looz w'assel) coated with icing sugar & laced with rose water - in morocco, these cookies were made daily and cooked in communal ovens, to be eaten later with a glassful of mint tea. all so simple to make & so delicious.

there is a recipe for a light, flat moroccan bread (kesra) sprinkled with sesame seeds & coarse salt - this will be my next thing to make. have i stirred your appetite yet?


  1. Interesting foods. Probably too spicy for me. I esp react to curry and Indian spices. However, I have a sesame cookie recipe that I love from Greyston cookbook. How wonderful that this cookbook set you to baking and cooking. Inspiration is what I need in that area. Was it you who mentioned Crescent Dragonwagon's cookbook?? Anyway, I have it on my list of bks to buy. Happy eating to you. Suki

  2. Yes, indeed you have! I'd love to have some of those yummy ghoriba dial janjlane with some tea tonight! Peace, O

  3. Oh wow! Not only have you made me hungry, but you did indeed inspire me. I've just ordered this cookbook and I can't wait until it arrives!

    Thank you!!


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