Thursday, 30 October 2008

crazy moose ink-blots

this is an ink-blot/water colour doodle that has been sitting on my art table for the past couple of days. every time i walked past, i added a little more to it. it reminds me a lot of my morning meditation. i sit in a room that faces east & as the sun comes up my head is filled with light & colour like this, which then spreads throughout my whole body. a great way to start the day.

you of course, can interpret the ink-blots any way you please .... & now that i look again it could be a crazy moose - a drunken bullwinkle...!

this morning i harvested some strawberries & talked to my cucumbers that are growing fat & green. tiny cherry tomatoes emerging from small yellow flowers are pale green & shiny. furry leaves on my mystery seedlings are now huge like elephants ears & snails get plucked from damp leaves in the morning & thrown a good distance away. i have created a happy green microcosm :)

thanks to badfaery & the big draw i have been inspired to pull out my sketch book. this is a bromeliad that sits on the front porch in an old terracotta pot. the flower spikes which appear in autumn/winter/spring are fuschia pink with purple tips. lovely.


  1. Patti, to me it looks like a walking path on a strange planet. Love your drawing. Hurrah for getting out yr drawing pad and pencil. It is fun.

  2. Patti,

    Your meditation time sounds so wonderful! I enjoyed this post. You sound very happy and your art reflects happiness and beauty. Love, O

  3. Hi Patti, This meditation time really sounds (and looks) good, and the blog doodle is so full of light.
    I"m listening to the video, wisdom , so true and wish everybody could think about that each day


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