Friday, 9 January 2009

mug shot

a few bloggers out there have been posting their favourite coffee mug.

i actually have a couple of mugs that are favourites - a good sized bone china mug for drinking green tea or vanilla chai and this one for drinking chai syrup. it's not too big, not too small, but just right. goldilocks would approve =)

once upon a time i drank one cup of coffee mid morning, but i gave it up recently and don't really miss it that much.

more mug shots here, here and here


  1. it is true that the size makes a different. Does it allow the drink to cool too fast (too big). Do I have to refill too often (too small) This is sure a cheerful mug that reminds me of your bright colors and happy paintings.

  2. I like your coffee cup, Patti, and agree with sukipoet that it is cheerful and reminds me of your work. I plan to blog mine soon---what a great idea :) Peace and rest, O

  3. I like your cup...full of life. You are the first person to mention Chai. I love an afternoon cup of Chai!
    Mary Ann

  4. What a gorgeous cup! Love it!! I also like the idea of posting our favorite cup(s) so I'll be doing that soon.


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