Wednesday, 14 January 2009

i am an artist!

i've joined the next chapter group hosted by Jamie Ridler, focusing on the book the 12 secrets of highly creative women, written by gail mcmeekin. the group began on the 9th january. my book has not arrived on the doorstep yet, however i have decided to begin.

the first delicious secret is: 'acknowledging your creative self'

me: 4 years old. i sit at the kitchen table with my mother, drawing loopy swirls all over the page. i then fill in the shapes i've made with gorgeous colour. i am captivated.

me: 10 years old. i win a prize in an art exhibition at my primary school. it is the first time i receive positive feedback and realise art is something i can do. i am an artist!

me: highschool. art dominates. in maths class i make elaborate doodles with black ink, in science i'm happy as long as i can draw diagrams, in geography i'm happy if can draw & decorate maps. colourful title pages for each subject are my thing. the art room is an aladdin's cave filled with paint, paper, brushes, clay & glazes - it is my favourite place in the whole world. my school uniform is pale grey/dull green, so i express my creative self by wearing too much bright blue eyeshadow.
me: twenties & thirties. i have children. time to get out the playdough, paint, glitter, glue and collage materials. it is an excuse to get down on the floor and do fingerpainting! it's all about the kids and not much time for me. i want my own play group!
me: forties. years pass by and i constantly create art, write poetry and stories. an art class here and there. but it isn't until recent times that i find the freedom to explore my creativity fully, through blogging, journalling and reading whatever i can get my hands on.

if 'the artist's way' opens my eyes, '12 secrets' is a refresher course. the artist child in me will not stop tugging on my sleeve, saying 'c'mon, let's play!'


  1. Your's is a beautiful artist's path and the colourful pallette expresses it so well:)
    have a wonderful day with plenty of discoveries

  2. Very inspiring, Patti. How wonderful that making art, writing and being creative has been a guiding light for you throughout your life. Good luck doing the book and group. Sounds fun. Suki

  3. I love your creative journey, and the way you've incorporated being an artist throughout your life!

  4. I love these snapshots of you, the artist. And how beautiful to have them accompanied by the slideshow of your creations. What joy!

  5. After analyzing your blog. Its clear that you are a great artist, no any doubt.keep it up Thanks

  6. hello patti, so glad you came to visit me. i have been reading your blog and it is so inspiring and evocative. i shall be back and back and back, hugs.

  7. Can't think why you never went to Art School. Anyhow this all looks great, keep us posted.

  8. Well, Patti, What can I say? Amazing post as always, but this one touched me in a very personal way. After some serious thought I have taken the plunge and joined this group too. Thank you!!

  9. Love your work shown in the slides. You have a great sense of design, composition and colour naturally. Lovely.

  10. I cannot believe how inately talented you are!
    I took 2 years of art & design and can't draw like that!

    Yay for you for honouring your creativity in all ways throughout your life!


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