Sunday, 4 January 2009

healthy, happy spirit

Suki shared this meme - 'five daily things that keep my spirit healthy & happy...' many more i could add, but here's my five.

femininity/self care - yoga & meditation, sleep, drinking water, eating well, taking my vitamins, moisturising, a squirt of perfume, pretty jewellery, pretty underwear, freshly washed hair, dressing with care. never fails to lift my spirits.

zero clutter - i drink up home design magazines and try to imitate thoughtful arrangement of furniture & ornaments. i like to allow 'space' to just 'be', while keeping the vibe warm, friendly & lived in at the same time (minimalism can be harsh in it's emptiness). i love creating the good energy.

making art - playing with colour and line, the smell of art supplies, expressing me & seeing what happens.

saying 'yes' - saying yes keeps you in the flow and leads you to unexpected places. spontaneity is uplifting and energising - this guy took saying yes to extremes - clearly it can change your life!

family - being with the people i love. this includes jess the border collie & phoebe the black & white cat (affectionately known as the 'black & white club'). unconditional love.


  1. Beautiful and inspiring list. I love the first one, some of which I do but I overlook the "femininity." When younger I was quite feminine but now I let myself just hang out yet going through Mom's beautiful things I see she too loved soft, feminine things and it awakens in me the desire for same, though i have never worn makeup.

  2. ps love the colors of that succulent.

  3. HI Patti, I so agree with Suki, your list is very inspiring. I love zero clutter too: and try to make my place like this, which is not always easy cause the appartment is so tiny, but I love warm, clear, open space.
    Saying yes: hmmmm, I guess when I was younger, I said yes more often, now I've got cautious with that, I've lots a bit trust...


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