Thursday, 1 January 2009


'flying triangles' watercolour/ink.

if you've been following christine kane's blog, you'll know about choosing a one word sankalpa (intention) for 2009.

my word needed to be one that would steer me towards my true north. it’s not that I don’t have direction, i’m very clear on where I’m going and I have plenty of discipline, most of the time. it’s just that I have been allowing myself to get knocked off course. the fact is, I have been ignoring my intuition.

i hear that little voice, then dismiss what i’ve just heard, sometimes with dire consequences. afterwards, i always say to myself, patti, why didn’t you listen? my heart always knows better than my head. there is no point meditating & asking for guidance if i don’t listen.

there’s a song from the seventies (the stylistics - see youtube in my sidebar) that goes like this - ‘stop, look, listen to your heart, hear what it’s saying’. this song will be playing in my head a lot this year.

my intention for 2009 - LISTEN!
happy new year!


  1. What a great word, Patti, and one I take inspiration from as well!

    Your triangles look like they are flying AND dancing---they certainly radiate joy and celebration.

    Happy New Year,


  2. A great word and intention. I so often dont listen either or I let what my mind thinks override what my heart whispers. Be wlel, Suki

  3. Wonderful word to chose! Happy New Year. I wish you a year of love, health, joy and peace.


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