Sunday, 11 January 2009

no regrets

i know january is almost over, but if you are still pondering 2008 and wondering about 2009, my sister has posted a great way of saying goodbye to regrets/mistakes from 2008, finding the things to be grateful for from 2008 and moving forward with intention into 2009.

i have no regrets really for 2008, except for having to soldier on through months of bad health. but this regret was cancelled out by finding a solution in the last quarter of the year and climbing back up to good health again. phew, it was hard work! i have promised myself that i won't be referring to bad health again, it's behind me now.

ultimately my belief is that regrets keep you anchored in the overcrowded past. i want to dwell in the here and now, it's so much more spacious & generous here. i make mistakes every year, so there's no point worrying about them :) imagine a nightmarish kind of world where you aren't allowed to make mistakes! it doesn't bear thinking about.

i had so much to be grateful for in 2008; restored health of course, a home yoga studio & a home art studio - both inhabited constantly, losing 10 kilos then 'having to' re-stock my wardrobe with some wonderful new clothes (every girls dream!), attending to some overdue dental work - definitely something to smile about, happy times with friends.......... and so much more.

my intentions/goals; mmmm maybe try learning spanish again on the internet ('encantada di hiberte conicido' for any spanish readers - apologies for poor spelling!) to cook more creatively, keep up the yoga, create oodles of art, research spanish architecture/art just for fun and keep on keeping on.

... and just in case you were thinking of wasting time, there are only 11 months and 15 days till christmas!


  1. Great post Patti. Do you know Edith Piaf's song "Regret Rien?" I will check out the link to your sister, thanks. I didnt know a person could learn a language on line! be well, suki

  2. I too like your post and your sister's idea.

    I read somewhere (Julia Cameron, I think) that health is not a gift, but earned. I think this is true for most of us. You've done a lot towards having a healthier 2009!

    I hope to look back on 2009 and to have done many of the things you did last year, Patti.

    Peace and new year blessings,


  3. Oh Patti, I so liked your list of good things in your 2008 and your attitude towards moving clearly to 2009!
    I was ill and hospitalized in 2008, and like you, I can count all the wonderful changes that came from that experience. No need to keep dwelling on a difficult time in the past...moving forward. I like your attitude and good luck with the Spanish.
    Mary Ann
    ps I didn't get the weight loss or the cute new clothes! darn!

  4. I read it and I love it!
    I think I may sit down tonight with a tea and my journal and really check out her instructions.

    Trying to get around to visit the blogs I love is one of my resolutions :)


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