Thursday, 18 June 2009

A Dream I Once Had... Or ....a Fish Tale.

Somehow, a fish became trapped inside her heart. There the fish lived, for the longest time, flapping its scaly fins lethargically, sucking the warmth from her sides.

Then a longed for day came, when the icy cold melted and she opened up her heart. All the warmth & passion, all the energy, joy & life that resided there flowed out. Tendrils of steam rose up from the surface of the water.

The fish swam with the current, swishing from side to side leaving bubbles in its wake, not stopping to see the world pass by. Nothing could stop it from reaching the dreamed-for goal.

Soon the river of passion swelled into a calm, purple lake, deep with possibility. The fish grew large in its new surroundings and shared its journey eagerly with others, who gathered around with interest.

Love bubbled around the edges of the lake, that soon grew lush with brightly coloured flowers and emerald green ferns. White feathered birds circled lazily overhead and butterflies danced on delicate petals. Ladybeetles travelled busily up and down green stems, fluttering their tiny wings.

Now at last, the shivering fish released from her heart, a space was left where peace could grow and nourish her soul. Now she could rest, for a small while. She was so tired....


  1. beautifully told story, patti ! your black and white drawings are so filled with color !!! "On the 7th day, He rested"...Creation is the soul's job, isn't it ? But yes, you definitely have to stop and rest and celebrate what you have created ! Sweet fish, sweet heart...;)
    Happy Resting !

  2. I too love your story, Patti. The pictures are SO beautiful; I agree with Kim--in black and white but FILLED with color. I too wish you sweet rest! (PS You are SO talented!) Much love, O

  3. Beatiful Patti! The love that fills your story contrasts so beautifully with the black and white drawings.

  4. Beautiful story and illustrations! You are so talented. And your story really spoke to me...

  5. Patti the story and the drawings are magical. BTW I also loved those gift cards, your Art looks great on them :)


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