Thursday, 25 June 2009

Walking Away The Blues

Plenty of rain has been falling around here lately and it eased my heart to see some blue sky. I have been feeling unwell for a while now, sick in my very soul and needed some perspective today. I just needed to get out of this house. So I bought myself a backpack this morning, loaded it up with water, my journal and a camera and went walking along the water-logged and muddy waterfront.

I don't have very good sea legs actually, but this little boat appealed to me. I dreamed of puttering off into the distance..... If you look closely, you will see two ducks preening themselves on the deck.

This big old tree - a fig i think - is such a lovely shape with strong, gnarled branches for easy climbing.

I collect little cottages and this one looks out across the bay over green, green grass. Small but perfect in every way. I think the grass really is greener over there!

Then I came home to find Phoebe prowling around my art table, looking for who knows what? I think we have a ghost in residence as she has been more than a little silly lately and strange things have been happening. Cats do know a thing or two.

Feeling a little better now.


  1. Patti, I'm glad your heart is feeling a little lighter. Walks do that for me too.

    I really like the photograph of sea shells in the sand and I love how the roof on the cottage is curvy and rounded at the edges..thanks for taking us along with you on your walk. I'll go walking with you anytime!

  2. I too enjoyed going on the walk with you. I hope that you feel better soon, Patti. I will be thinking of you, O

  3. Pat- I love the little boat and the house. Both give rise to a story.......reminds me of the Lighthouse Keepers Lunch!
    Glad you feel better- take some more pics tomorrow.

  4. Patti, I am sorry to hear you've been feeling blue. What a wise and wonderful gift you gave yourself...a walk with your camera. Keep doing those small things for yourself. Big hug from me.

  5. Oh so happy to hear you vanquished the blues! I find it SOOO easy to get a bit down in the winter. I'm a summer girl for sure!

    All of your photos are wonderful. I too like the sea shell one, but the little boat pulls my heart strings and sets my mind to wandering.

    Stay well!

  6. A walk in the blues is soooo good for you ! Glad to know you are taking good care of the beautiful soul of yours. Love your black kitty on the art table...reminds me of a 20 pound beautiful black friend I lost a few years back who had a penchant for paper too !
    When you have the blues, remember, the heart of life is good...

  7. Thank you for sharing your walk, I feel better too :)

    This is so sweet!


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