Monday, 1 June 2009

Lunch at the Bay

The days have been grey and rainy here and my four walls have been closing in on me. I'm in the middle of a painting, another triptych. It has a long way to go and I am tossing around ideas of colourful detail that I would like to add. One step at a time though, you can't rush these things.

To help clear my head I visited this little bay area and found a blue boat, a little turqouise cottage with an inviting adirondack chair on the veranda and a vibrant pink bougainvillea - a flower I claim as my signature bloom - If you leave it alone to grow and pay it little attention, it will produce bright, showy flowers and smooth stems. When you prune it hard, it doesn't flower much at all and develops nasty big thorns.

I had to stop for lunch - a savory tart with salad & coffee at a very cosy cafe. I walked along the waterfront looking at all the holiday cottages, thinking how lucky I am to live in this beautiful area.


  1. You are lucky- one day soon I'll be joining you on your walk.
    Love the boat- I have a feeling it will turn up in one of your paintings.

  2. Very pretty, Patti. I think our weather is the exact opposite. It's no longer raining every day, but hot and glorious, then cooler at night. You are indeed fortunate to live somewhere so beautiful. xo, O

  3. What a wonderful break you had! Love the photos and your "signature" bloom! Hope the sun returns soon and I know that you'll be having a great time being so creative.

  4. You find these things and places that look to me to be right out of a story book. Oh, and the bougainvillea! I can not look at that plant and not think of my mother, who always has one in every house she lives in...flourishing in a big pot in front of the windows.

  5. These photos transport me to your beautiful home area half a world away. I loved visiting.


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