Friday, 5 March 2010

Hidden on the Page

I've been distracting myself from all kinds of oily worries by making paint effects, then studying the page to see what is hiding. A bit like looking up at fluffy, white clouds and seeing a monkey riding a bicycle up there! Not possible to lie in the grass and look up at the sky today - it's raining and the sky is a pale, steely grey, puddles everywhere!

This page was hiding fish and once I found one, others kept swimming out of the page. The art journal is a bit like that too. When you look back at what you have created, you begin to see things that are an expression of your sub-conscious. Not all that helpful in retrospect, but interesting just the same. It's nice to know that there is one less thing cluttering up your mind, even if you weren't aware of it slipping out.

This next page prompted me to pull out some old children's verse that I wrote years ago.


Between two blades of grass
I spied your ankles and your toes.
I slithered out all slippery
So quiet, you wouldn’t know.

You saw me there right at your feet
And released a little gasp.
Your eyes grew wide, you tried to scream,
But your voice came out a rasp.

I decided not to bite you
I let you back away.
Then slithered off all slippery
To your absolute dismay.

by Patti Bourne


  1. Helen Jane Morley6 March 2010 at 10:28

    I love this concept Patti and I agree about the Art Journalling. Just go with the flow and see what appears :) By the Way your Snake Poem is quirky and clever, I love it.

  2. If this comes out of your just going with the flow - you should do that more often. I love your art work - but this purple one is just wonderful! I also like your red snake and poem! Keep on creating!!


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