Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Tuesday's Flower

Okay, so it's now Wednesday. I've been busy this week, so here is Tuesday's flower a day late. The house smells of frittata cooking, salads are on the table, candles lit and water glasses filled. We have a peaceful home tonight.

I spent most of the day finishing a painting of fruit & vegetables on a glass platter, laid on a decorative shawl. An open window in the background , a lush garden with a magpie perched on the sill, eyeing the platter greedily. The painting has its good points, though I rushed the composition. Ah well, you learn something new each time you complete a canvas. I've since added flowers to the garden, but here's a peek at the progress...

Happy, Tuesday or Wednesday to you too!


  1. Love this Patti :) The magpie fits so well with the shawl.

  2. your dinner sounds lovely. the painting is cheerful and bright. have fun completing it!

  3. Love the back and white couch and the matching magpie !
    As always, your bright colors make my eye and my heart feel good.
    Happy Wednesday or Thursday to you ! ;)


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