Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Black Cats

Another little water-colour, this time a black kitten watching the snow fall outside. Not that we ever get snow in my part of the world, it's all a mystery to me! I like to paint it even so.

Here is my own black kitty cat, Phoebe (11 years old), sitting in her favourite chair on the front porch. She is half Burmese, meaning she is quite vocal & playful, and half Persian so she can be cranky at times. It is nice and sheltered on the porch where she can see everything that is going on.

Here she is in our herb garden last summer. As you can see, whenever I need inspiration for a cat drawing, Phoebe's black silhouette is the one I choose.


  1. I am a black cat lover too ! I had my magnificent friend George for only 8 years but he was the best cat/dog a person could ever dream of having...all 19 pounds of him. Our newest family member is a totally black, slinky young guy named Cosmo but all I seem to call him is Little Boo. Did you know that black cats are the ones least often adopted from shelters ? Old superstitions, I guess. I just love that blackness.

    As for snow...it can be beautiful but I am basking in the GREEN of spring right now and glad it is only around in imagination...
    Big Love to you, talented Gato Negro Lover !

  2. I painted a little black cat much like this one, but without the wonderful decorative effects you made on yours. I had a lovely black cat with touch of white for many years, Most affectionate but then she disappeared and I never saw her again.

  3. Lovely little painting. Sweet cat. And I loved reading the words at the top left as I entered here today.

  4. Helen Jane Morley26 May 2010 at 08:07

    Just beautiful - this cat has really matured beautifully and I love that silhouette image.


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