Friday, 7 May 2010

All About The Process

Creativity, like life, is all about the process. I love seeing art being made, seeing how it's done, as it is being done. This is a painted mosaic in water colour. First a wash for the background, then I add my creatures...

We often get caught up in the outcome, yet the challenges along the way are where the joys lie, where all the fun is...

Patience, patience, patience! About here, I slipped up in my design. Can you spot it?

This design would work well as a real mosaic.

All done!


  1. No, I never did spot it Patti! But I love it, and it all looks great to me. I too enjoy watching the process. I'm wondering how many people other than you will see what you'd thought we'd see? Blessings and love, O

  2. cant see the mistake. this is beautiful. you must have a sure and steady hand.

  3. lovely sequence of pics and lovely work

  4. Wow! How fun to see this come to life.


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