Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Sunny Sundays

I thought I'd share my favourite tree. It was too big to fit in the frame! A giant compared to the tiny boats in the background. You may remember it from a sketch I posted a while ago. I go here when I want some peace and solitude, a chance to recharge my battery. One day I will climb it. Are 50 year old women allowed to climb trees? If they can, I guess they can! LOL!

These barnacles on the pier post looked so interesting and gnarled I had to take a pic.

This is the view from under my tree. On sunny Sundays, I throw a picnic blanket down, take my journal & thermos along and daydream the afternoon away... Tranquility plus!


  1. Beautiful! What a lovely part of the world you live in Patti.

  2. I agree, Patti. So serene also. Looks like you have wonderful Sundays there! xo, O

  3. LOVE that tree! And yes - 50 year old ladies can climb trees (it just hurts more when we fall out so be careful!0.

  4. Is this Avalon ? I used to live there! I found your fabo blog via Lynne. Nice to have a " local " artist blogger to check out. Have a lovely creative day.


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