Sunday, 2 May 2010

A Taste of Africa

'Africa' - water colour/ink

I have not been to Africa, but this is my impression... a golden sun, burnt umber, yellow ochre and raw sienna - yellows, blues and black ... simple shapes...

It's time to (reluctantly) put my paints away & pull my head out of the clouds for a few days, since a house-full of white venetian blinds need cleaning ... eek, whose idea was it to install those I wonder? :)

For some happy synchronicity, this song played on the radio the morning I finished and framed this painting.


  1. great song to go w/your painting. ha, my gram had those blinds. lots of people have cloth blinds now, not sure how you wash those!

  2. love love love your vision of Africa.

    Happy Cleaning !

  3. I too love your vision of Africa. Peace and love, O

  4. Perhaps you have visited Africa - in you sleep time! This is a wonderful painting and I can see many things that I would associate with Africa o- and I've never been there either!

    I've been absent for a bit and it was nice to catch up with you via your posts. Take care!


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