Monday, 16 August 2010

Good As New

After a couple of weeks where Mercury must have been retrograde (?), (or perhaps we travelled through the equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle), we are back in working order again!  First the computer gave up on us, then the brakes on the car, the ignition on the gas cooktop, the vacuum cleaner motor, the lawn mower cable and lastly my saucepan drawer collapsed!

All is good as new now, but phew, I'll never take them for granted again!

The above painting is named 'Time Traveller'  If only it was that easy to move through time, or perhaps it really is that easy?!


  1. oh my lordie miss claudie, that was just not fair! all at once, i would say it has been 'raining cats and dogs' in your life ----whew so glad it is all over now. you need to go lie down in a dark room.

  2. that is a lot of calamities in one gulp. Whew. I too have been through a bunch. I'll have to check out the mercury in retro timing.

    Love love the time traveler painting. with those stripes it would go perfectly in the little summer cottage I rented.!

  3. oh I like your gratitudes in the sidebar

  4. Patti this painting is terrific! I love all aspects of it.
    And as for LIFE getting in the way I am so sorry. Awful when that happens and so much at once. But now that's all NEW again and right as rain, etc so keep on keeping on! Your art ROCKS!

  5. Oh, I love this painting of the time traveller. You really managed to capture the feeling of another dimension by putting her inside what looks like a lens or bubble with the edges warped. Neat!

  6. Wow - talk about having life derailed! Glad all is returning to normal.

    Great painting - I love the idea of time travel, and I'd like to do it in a big circle too. Somehow it seems protective.


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