Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Tuesday's Thoughts

It is Tuesday and a pink magnolia tree is in full bloom outside one window and out of another I can see a flock of bossy white cockatoos bickering with each other and swooping from tree to tree.  The day is wet, but there is a gentleness about it.

I'm having trouble uploading current photos to my new computer (don't ask!), so this old one is our Golden Robinia tree in full leaf.  I am looking forward to summer when it will look like this again.

My daughter moves out of home soon and it means our downstairs area will be available for us to use for ourselves. The walls need painting first and a few other minor repairs need to be done before we do.  So I sit here on this rainy day, contemplating what furniture will go down there, whether we will use the bedroom as a guest room or for ourselves.  I'm itching to get started!


  1. Use it for yourselves Patti - it will be a great `parent's retreat'. Once you have re decorated (Dulux Antique White 1/2 strength) it will be like new and you put all your personal in there :)

  2. This is a big transition moment!!! Your daughter moving out. Wow. Beautiful photo. Lucky you to be looking forward to summer. Ah, more space. Have fun playing with that!

  3. although it is a huge step when they move home, one can't help planning ahead and then feeling guilty- don't lol. just enjoy, it's your time now.


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