Sunday, 3 October 2010

Today, I am....

We are selling our house and there has been lots of tidying, cleaning, mending, sweeping, weeding, styling and general peparation for selling.  We had our first open house yesterday, so we'll see what happens!  It's tough making a living, breathing messy home, behave like a tidy, sparkling show home!  I feel a little antsy, so settling to make art has been not so much, and packing it all away again to keep things tidy is no way to run a studio! Still, I'm journaling, but mostly writing.

In spite of it all, I had some ladies over for a journal session last week and we messed around, getting to know ourselves and where we were at.  We followed the prompt 'Today, I am...." and went from there....  We had some great results and will follow a different, deeper train of thought next session, when more ladies will join us.  Fun!

This is a long weekend for us and has been very wet and un-Springlike.  However, the grass is rich and green, so who could ask for more?


  1. What a blessing it is to have like-minded people who would want to come over and art journal with you. It sounds like so much fun. In real life I know no one who art journals or who makes opposed to online life.

    Good for you for continuing to create through your transition. I'm excited for you being able to have a new place to live, a fresh start in life, new adventures!

    Wishing you blessings now and even more in your future,


  2. Art with friends is such a blast, isn't it ? Love the prompt.
    Let's see...
    Today, I am freer than I was yesterday and riding a wave of change towards a shore I have been looking for...
    That's a good place to be !
    Good luck with the selling - may it go quickly so you can get back to the sweet messiness of life.

  3. I bet the house looks absolutely amazing, as it generally looks like that anyway! Good luck, as a realtor once told me "there is a buyer for every house". just wait till they come along. Love the reds in the journal, btw.

  4. good luck with all this. exciting and pressurizing all rolled in one.

  5. I've had a lot of fun today checking out your blog and enjoying your art! Your artwork has such a whimsical joyful spirit!


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