Thursday, 14 October 2010

Chilling Out!

This is a sketch I made of our cat Phoebe lying by the old gas heater last winter.  She is eleven years old now, and despite appearances, is still playful.  She is part Burmese and part Persian, and very vocal when she wants to be, especially in the mornings at breakfast time!  She wakes me up without fail at 6.30am!

We are still going through the real estate process and I have no art to share.  I miss it lots, although I have plenty with which to keep my mind occupied.  No time to scratch really!  People looking at my house, me looking at other people's houses, a possible's all been more gruelling than I thought it would be....  So tonight I will chill out with my journal for company and process the day away!


  1. I understand the grueling part, from the buyer side i have experienced it. HOwever, I must say you seem to be going through it all rather quickly compared to my own almost two year search. Be sure to take a few cat naps by the heater like Phoebe! to give you a break in all this. Good luck.

  2. I am sending you strength vibes. Keep your chin up and good luck with this process.

    Love the cat. I have a Siamese who loves to talk and scold me so I can relate to you chatty cat.


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