Sunday, 24 October 2010

Rainy Day Painting

Today I pulled out my paints, since it is raining steadily and definitely a stay-in kind of Sunday.  I found a little round camembert cheese box saved from last Christmas, that was crying out for a little folk art.  I hunted around for some inspiration on YouTube and settled in for some fun!

Then on to the letter P.  My nephews gave me this for my birthday and today I finally decorated it.  The aim was to be seriously cheerful!


  1. Very cheerful and colorful. Both fun to see. What undercoat did you use on the box I wonder?

  2. Lynn, I used Gesso as an undercoat and it worked well, I think.

  3. nice little projects. where will you hang the P? On your new studio room door in the new house?

  4. bright and sunny fun on a rainy day ! I had that kind of afternoon myself !
    Isn't it great that we can be what ever we want to be in our art ?
    Cheers, Artist friend !


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