Thursday, 7 October 2010

Creative Itch

I found some time yesterday to sit and paint, just a small one.  It helped relieve the creative itch I am feeling right now.  I am loving alizarene pigment (madder rose) at the moment and making the most of it since I only have a small tube.  It's on the shopping list.

I'm also itching to try some papier mache sculpture, get my hands all messy!  There's some amazing creations out there and I want to make one of my own, then paint it in the brightest colours I can find.....  and do some outside scenery painting down by the waterfront - a picnic with paints.  If only the weather would settle! 


  1. That red IS amazing! I love paper mâché too and I can't wait to see what you come up with. Hope you get to go on tat painting picnic soon.

  2. I love that color too. Have just been listening to some Byron Katie tapes. She is so focused and practical.

  3. looking forward to seeing the results of your creative itch! Its called Creativity Curious itch!
    Yes, me too love Lennon, one of my favorites.

  4. My first reaction upon seeing this was WOW she's doing something in fabric and applique! LOL
    Well, it looked like that to my textile eye! ;-)
    Very pretty!!!! Love LOVe LOVE the color!

  5. Oh, papier mache sounds wonderful. Can I come over and play with you? I love your jewel tones and vibrant colours, your patterns, and yes, the spirit that jumps and dances through all your work.


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