Thursday, 25 November 2010

Some Journal Pages

This is what I have been doing lately in the journal.  We had a journal session at my place yesterday and decided to explore the Bagua Map.  We used affirmation cards to help map each of the nine 'treasures'.  My main card was 'harmony' and it was a good fit!

Then we applied the Bagua Map to my new place and identified areas that were 'missing'.  These are patio areas and I will enhance with lush potted plants and decorative items.

Is this how it is in the northern hemisphere?  All cosy scarves, red cheeks and leaves gone from the trees?

Here in the south, it is more mermaid weather....


  1. Hi, Patti,

    It is cold here, that's for sure. We had a blizzard and our heat isn't working, so I am a bit envious (actually, a lot). I had to look up "bagua map" and it looks interesting. I like your journal :) xoO

  2. id much rather be in mermaid land. nice you are having fun with your journal classes in the midst of the move. be well, Suki

  3. Looks like good journaling work and play at the same time !
    Your picture of what it looks like here is close! Only that beautiful red background is a lot hotter than the grey or icy blue of reality ! ;) I long for mermaid weather too...
    Have a joyous and creative day, Lovely Patti !

  4. oh gosh, these are so fun and pretty!


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