Monday, 22 November 2010

Wearing Your Passion

I found this wonderful piece of wisdom here  I love the bit about turning off the tv!  It also made me realise how little travel I have done lately, so next year some plans to go exploring.  A road trip maybe!
I believe I wear my passion for a creative life and wonder what your passion might be? 


This journal page will become a painting on canvas once I settle in to my new studio space.  It is kind of rough, but I had to get the idea down fast once it found itself in my head.


  1. Wonderful painting!
    Fun thing to about turn off the computer too. Sometimes I have to drag myself away from here and say I do NOT have to check email every single time I walk past or into this room. LOL But I DO!!!

  2. i would like to travel too. love this painting. thanks for the thoughts of wisdom too.


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