Thursday, 4 November 2010

Journaling Among the Boxes

Yesterday I held another journal class in my home surrounded by semi-packed boxes and naturally, it was a lot of fun!  Our theme was to create a map and we each went off in different directions with this idea.  I decided to follow my heart....

This is Marisa and Jen who both took to art journaling like ducks to water! 

Then we went on to draw self-portraits and because I had a happy accident where I closed the journal and imprinted on the other page, this one became a 'reflection in the mirror'!


  1. I realized immediately that the journal page of the portrait was a copy of the first painting! Love it and how you did it by accident but turned it into a whole new thing, the reflection! So clever. Following your heart page is fun too.
    How nice to have a group to do this with.

  2. I love how you took what you had and made it into something positive, no matter what it was! I really like your journal pages too. All we have is "now" and I think it's great that you had your class amid the boxes :) xoO

  3. your journal classes sound such great fun. wish i could be there

  4. Love the reflection happy happening !!!
    How I wish our neighbourhoods were closer together so I could come a play !!!!
    Enjoy your tribe, Lovely Patti !


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