Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Villa

Here are some purple pages in the journal...  I weakened and unpacked a box with paints in it! No staying power!

Our new home will be a Villa photos yet!  It is three bedrooms with french doors off the main bedroom, an open plan living/dining space and a nice spacious kitchen.  A bathroom and laundry too, of course!  We will have a screened-in north facing sunroom (the best aspect when you're down under), a few patio areas, a garage and a utility area out the back for the clothes line etc. 

There is a garden out the front that will be mostly maintenance free.  After having such a big house and garden here, we are looking forward to spending our time doing other things, so this is a good thing. 
Our garden will now be in tubs ... herbs & vegetables, geraniums, fig trees and a couple of clivea's.

The property is on one level, so goodbye stairs too!  There is a large, vacant tract of land opposite us, so at the moment, it is a pleasant outlook. .  Just a few more weeks to go!


  1. How exciting to be moving! Your new place sounds wonderful - and I can totally relate to single story living! I grew all sorts of fruit and veg in containers - you'll have a great time.

    Love your purple journal pages! My favorite color.

  2. Patti in the photos your new kitchen looks identical to your current one - same LO and everything, even about the same size, amazing! It is much much better to grow stuff in containers, far less back breaking and knee hurting LOL

  3. Sweet purple views! The house sounds wonderful ! Gardening in tubs can be sweet too - a lot less weeding ! ;)
    Hope you day is full of purple joy !

  4. It sounds lovely, Patti. A villa! What could be better--I don't know? It sounds perfect for you, or anyone, actually. I can't wait to see the photos. I like your journal pages, too. xoO

  5. Happy for your find....enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh, I can't wait to see the villa!!!


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