Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Deep Breaths!

I'd love a nice ordered room like this one right about now!  Living with everything packed in boxes is not much fun!   I'm missing things.  Such as my paints. They're well and truly out of reach and I'm starting to pout!  Our bathrooms are in disarray, thanks to some repair work that's being done and I am keen for a bit of zen...... We have less than two weeks before we move and I can't wait!

On the bright side, we have lots of potted plants to move and luckily we are able to do this early, saving us time on moving day.  Breathing deeply......


  1. It always helps me to take deep breaths too Patti. And to say "three more days" or "thirty more days" or whatever and you know that soon, soon, soon, things will be better. There is plenty to do and deal with until then and...soon! I am wishing you a wonderful move to The Villa. xoO

  2. Deep breaths indeed...
    Is your camera available ? Maybe you could go on a little artist date that way ?
    Deep breaths...
    Hugs !

  3. I remember this feeling well...in fact it took me 6 months to find a place so that I could unpack all my art supplies...and it was through that period that I began to do more photography.

    Deep Breathes and a lot of "this too shall pass" got me through. Hang in there!

  4. I hope you get to your paints soon! Deep breathing is needed I am sure. I wish you luck in your move - hopefully it will all go smoothly and you will have your art supplies soon!


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