Thursday, 13 January 2011

In Distress

Buddha & The Water Dragon

This little water dragon decided to sit on the Buddha's lap today - and the Buddha didn't even flinch!  This is the baby, his mother is much larger of course, and is understandably very protective.  They love this spot in the afternoons when the summer sun beats down on this part of the garden.

I have been very busy in my new studio lately, having pulled out old children's stories I've been writing from the drawer and re-visiting them.  New illustrations to be done and I've been adding to old words.  It keeps me absorbed for hours and I love it!  It's all coming together!

Messy Studio Desk

I listen to ABC Radio while I'm creating and it has all been news of flooding in South Eastern Queensland and how people are coping with this disaster.  A major tragedy for Australia.  If you get the chance to give to a relief fund, please consider doing so.  Our people are in distress as I write.


  1. I have heard on the news about the floods and wondered if you were near there? Horrible.

    glad you are lost in your art. the children's books sound great. good luck reworking them. Love the lizard in the sun.

  2. Great photo of the water dragon visiting Buddha! And that view from your studio - lucky, lucky you!

    I too have been following the news about your floods. Unbelievable. And I have made a contribution. I wish I could do more.


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