Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Water Colour & a Lizard

Do you feel pressure to be creative?  I read some blog comments lately suggesting that there is sometimes a pressure to create.  I feel compelled, but not pressured and I approach my art from a perspective of play, not work.  I just like to play!  Lots!

The above is a water colour that came to me in a dream.  Has that ever happened to you?  Anyway, the next day I sat down and painted it, and so it became a reality.

This here is a pic of one of the water dragons that live in our front yard.  We  live at the bottom of a mountain and the flora & fauna is plentiful!  I took this from inside the house, (he was on our front porch) frightened that he would run up my leg or worse! (They're actually quite tame!)


  1. If I dream it can never paint what I saw! So that's pressure!

  2. I have never before seen this animal, Patti. It looks rather large! What an unusual place you live in!

    Yes, I feel pressure to create. It is not fun at this point yet because I also feel time pressure WHILE I am creating because I have so many other things I'm neglecting in order to create. I would like to change this, though.

    Thank you for both pictures! xoO

  3. compelled, driven even sometimes, but not pressured. It comes from within, rather than a pressure from outside...most days amyway. And definitely it PLAY ! Yay for that !
    Your lizard friend is beautiful but the idea of him climbing my leg gave me a shiver of revulsion...maybe I need to know him better first ! ;)
    Happy Playing, Talented One !

  4. love the colors in your painting and the way you did the glass jar. the lizard is cute. i have never lived anywhere where lizards live except for salamanders which of course aren't lizards but sort of look like them in miniature.

  5. Your dream painting is gorgeous. I love it! And I wish I lived somewhere with tame lizards like these. I would try to play with them.

  6. I feel like I should and I do want it to be play. Challenges help me get focused and do it.
    Love all your work and the little green guy too.


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