Saturday, 8 January 2011

Pizza Nite

Here's some more water colour, acrylic  & ink artplay ....  We are still getting our garage sorted out this weekend, the last room in the villa to be done.  It is a great lesson in ridding ourselves of clutter & unwanted things.  It really feels good to keep only the things that nourish you in some way and that fit into your current lifestyle.  Also, we keep finding things that we thought we'd lost!  The joys of moving house!

Tonight we are having make your own pizza night.  We chop up all sorts of things into little bowls and make our own specialty pizza from the selection.  Mine tonight ... on a wholemeal pita bread base - basil pesto, red capsicum, shallots, kalamata olives, mushroom, fresh parsley & shaved parmesan.  Easy peasy & yummo!


  1. It does sound yummy, simple, clear, beautiful, delicious, perfect! I am like a broken record, but I really like your painting! xoO

  2. Wonderful painting (again!!!)
    We did the purging when we did our floors this summer. Granted we dumped a TON of stuff!!! Then we got new shelves for projected neatness in the garage.But now it seems there is MORE out there and not just on shelves that there was before the purge? Boxes of stuff not coming back into the house (GOOD) but will we purge it too? If so when? OY! I think we need another garage.

  3. The hubby and I have lived in this house going on 7 years now. That is the longest I have ever lived in one place in my life. I have itches to move and start over sometimes, just for that reason, I think, to pair things down and re-position things. A good declutter will be in order this winter I think.
    Pizza sounds delicious ! Enjoy !

  4. Yum! You are making me hungry! I love basil pesto on pizza. Isn't it wonderful settling into a new home?

  5. fun idea--make your own pizza. course with only one person here, it loses its fun somehow. love your recent paintings.


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