Monday, 17 January 2011

It was the hottest day of summer in Sydney today and it was good to stay in my studio and play in my journal.  We have Air Con here at the Villa, but try not to use it too much, to conserve energy (for the planet) and keep costs down (for us).  So it was me and an electric fan, staying very comfortable thankyou!

This face is a collage applied with gel medium.  The lips are kitchen paper towel with water colour added.  I didn't wait for it to dry properly so the lips have bled a little.  I'm sorry she isn't smiling!

The above is a journal page all prepared ready for writing.  Water colour over gesso
 and a little collage and ink.

These are the geraniums in big pots outside my studio window.  I will get some more, as the geraniums just love the heat that comes from the west and it is retained by the cement paving all day.  I love them!

An emerald green pot behind madder rose bars.


  1. all of these just delightful, Patti. Send some of that heat here. We must gear up for yet another storm on Tues/Wed with maybe 8 more inches of snow.

    I adore geraniums. the smell of the leaves is so wonderful. they dont take a lot of care. and in warm countries I believe they grow quite large and sturdy. Have a nice day at the villa.

  2. What a great journal you have, Patti. It sounds so funny to think that you have such a hot everyone is cold! It tells me how hard it is for us to look outside our own reality to really envision what goes on when things are so different...we try to understand, but it is hard to "remember". I don't like the way I said that, but I'm hoping you know what I mean :) xoO

  3. You are so creative - I'd never have thought of using kitchen toweling for the lips - but I bet they look really, really good in person! I really enjoyed your geraniums - I love them too. And although I know they come in all colors, red is my favorite!!

  4. I love your collage Patti, especially those eyelashes :) Stinking hot here too so I have bought a small table fan for my desk. Works great.


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